Customer-Decay Approximations for the M/G/C Queue with Heterogeneous Servers

Title of Publication: Customer-DecayApproximationsforthe M/G/CQueuewithHeterogeneousServers
Author(s): Sulaiman S., Daman O.A, OlabodeB.T
Year of Publication: 2011

This paper provides numerical approximations to partial differential equation describing customer decay in a heterogeneous server M/G/C queue with (C-1) exponential servers and a single regularly varying general server of Poisson arrival process. The decay approximations were obtained given that, the service distribution of the general server is regularly varying at infinity index
−ψ. We generalized the decay equation for the M/G/2 to the M/G/C (C≥2),
Develop a MATLAB algorithm for simulation and finally, generate numerical approximations for certain values of C and µ,the service rate of a single exponential server.

Keywords:  M/G/C Queue, Customer-Decay Process, Generating Function and
Regularly Varying Function.

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