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Journal Description
The Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) is the official Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. The Journal has its primary objective of providing a comprehensive publication of works in all areas of statistics. It publishes both technical and not too technical expository papers dwelling on important theoretical and methodological developments concerning computer applications, major surveys and reports. Papers on interface areas are also published in the Journal.

Editorial Policy
The Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) intends to publish high quality papers in statistical theory and methods as well as their significant applications. Emphasis is on originality. Paper that has already been published or submitted for publication elsewhere is not accepted. All papers are referred. Decisions on papers are made subject to the advice of the reviewers. However, the editor may return to author(s) without review, any manuscript deemed to be inappropriate for the Journal.

Editor-In-Chief:    Professor J.I. Mbegbu
                                Department of Mathematics
                                University of Benin, Benin City.
                                Phone Number: +2348020740989

Editorial Board:
  Prof. E.T. Jolayomi               

                              Prof. P.E. Chigbu                          
                              Prof. S.U. Gulumbe    
                              Prof. S.M. Ogbonmwan                         
                             Prof. E.C. Nduka                          
                             Prof. O.E. Asiribo                          
                             Prof. I.S. Iwueze                        
                             Mr. C.M. Okafor        

The Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) is published by the Nigeria Statistical Association with support from the Nigerian Tertiary Education Fund (TET Fund).

Instruction for Authors
1.    It is a requirement that the author(s) of a paper should be member(s) of the Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA). Non members may also submit papers for possible publication in the Journal. However, they will have to register as members before their papers are published.

2.    All manuscripts must be original and set in Microsoft Word in double spacing with 1” margins on all sides on A4 size with a type face of Time New Roman and font size 12. The manuscripts must not have been submitted to any other Journal for publication. All equations must be typed using Equation Editor.

3.    The title of a manuscript should be descriptive, concise and capture the theme as clearly as possible.

4.    The Names(s) and address(s) of the author(s) should be given below the title of each manuscript, and on a separate page. The e-mail address of the corresponding author must be clearly identified on this page.

5.    Each manuscript should have a single paragraph abstract placed on the first page with no mathematical expressions. This page should also carry the title of the manuscript.

6.    Titles for Figures and Tables should be placed below and at the top of the Figures/Tables respectively. Diagrams should be prepared in a form suitable for direct reproduction. Formulas should be numbered consecutively with section number and equation number in brackets appearing on the right hand side margin.

7.    In the text of the paper, reference should be cited by just writing the name of the author followed by the year of publication in parenthesis, such as Nworgu (2011), Oseni and Adepoju (2011) or Osuji et al. (2011) for more than two authors.
The list of the references at the end of the paper should correspond to those cited in the text and arranged in alphabetical order of names by year. Each reference should have: Name of author(s) followed by year of publication in bracket, title of the paper (or textbook) and journal where the paper is published, volume of the journal and pages. E.g. Nworgu, E.C. (2011). A Comparative Performance of Several Robust Discriminant Analysis Procedures, Journal of Nig. Stat. Assoc., Vol. 23, pg. 36-55.

  • The Governing Council of the Nigerian Statistical Association should not be held responsible for the statements or opinions expressed in the papers published in its “Journal”.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted online for evaluation as an email attachment to the Editor-In-Chief, Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA).

Copyright Transfer
The Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA) request  formal transfer of copyright from the  author(s) for each paper published in the Journal of Nigeria Statistical Association (JNSA). The copyright to this paper is transferred to the JNSA as soon as the paper is accepted for publication.
The copyright transfer covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the paper including reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, microform, electronic form or any other reproductions of similar nature.
The author(s) warrant that this contribution is original and that he/she has full power to make this grant. The author signs and accepts responsibility of releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors. After submission of this agreement signed by the corresponding author, change of authorship or in the order of the authors listed will not be accepted by JNSA.
The author(s) confirm that:
1.    This paper submitted to JNSA is original and has not been published elsewhere
2.    The authors have obtained written permission from copyright owners for any excerpt from copyrighted works that are included and have credited sources in this paper.
3.    The co-author(s) have been informed the terms of this copyright transfer. The corresponding author signs on their behalf as their agent and represent that the corresponding author is authorized to do so.
4.    This paper contains no unlawful statements as well as any material that violates any personal or proprietary right.

To avoid any delay in the publication of your paper, please read the terms of this agreement, sign in the space provided and return the completed form to the Editor-in-Chief through the email: as quickly as possible.

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