26th PRS Workshop 2017

26th NSA-PRS Workshop of Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA-PRS): 27th November – 1st December, 2017 at University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

NSA-PRS Workshop Membership Continuous Professional Education Workshop 24 - 28 April, 2017

NSA-PRS Workshop
Membership Continuous Professional Education Workshop                            
24 - 28 April, 2017
Theme: Data Analysis and Graphics Using R Software
With ever increasing volume of data in many private organizations and government agencies, it is impossible to produce excellent report or even do meaningful analysis without using graphics. Graphical display or data visualization is the process of representing data graphically and interacting with these representations to gain insight into the data. Graphics help to convert data into compelling, revealing and interactive diagrams that suit the needs of the users. Competent statisticians have always used graphs to check their data and to conduct preliminary scrutiny of the data prior to further analysis.

The use of graphics in exploratory data analysis has continued to develop and evolve over time. The recent advances in statistical computing has facilitated the development of and use of many graphical tools. The best modern statistical software makes a strong connection between data analysis and graphics, combining the computer’s ability to crunch numbers and present graphs with the ability of a trained human eye to detect pattern.

Therefore, this workshopis designed to train the participants through the practical, powerful tools that R software provides. The emphasis is on hands-on analysis, graphical display, and interpretation of data. The practical sessions will involve demonstration from real-life data with in-depth commentary on how to analyze and make visual presentation. The course assumes basic statistical knowledge and some experience with data analysis. The course is ideal for all practicing statisticians, data analysts and students of applied statistics.

The R software adopted for this workshop is available at no cost through the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), http://cran.r-project.org/ . The software is primarily designed for scientific computing and for graphics. It provides superior data manipulation abilities as well as flexible and high-quality graphics. The training is designed to be hands-on and practical oriented. Therefore, participants are expected to come with their laptops pre-installed with the most recent version of R software, although, installation assistance will be provided at the training venue for those who do not have the software on their computer.

Course Outline

•    Overview of R
•    Aggregation, stacking, and unstacking
•    Data frames and matrices, functions, operators, and loops
•    Styles of data analysis
•    Graphics in R
•    Introduction to Grammar of Graphics
•    Introduction to ggplot2 – elegant graphic for data analysis
•    Document preparation in R– Sweave ()
Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be:

    familiar with R environment and carry out basic data manipulations;
    able to use both the base graphics and lattice graphics to produce elegant, fanciful and interactive plots from data;
   able to embed analysis into the report using the Sweave () package.

27th NSA-PRS: Membership Continuous Professional Education Workshop 24th – 28th April,2017

Dear Distinguished NSA Member,

27th NSA-PRS: Membership Continuous Professional Education Workshop

24 – 28April,2017

 On behalf of the Governing Council of the Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA), I wish to invite you to the 2017 NSA- PRS (Planning, Research and Statistics) workshop scheduled to hold at Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna, Kaduna State from 24 – 28 April, 2017.


This workshop is part of the continuous development programmes designed to build the statistical capacity of our members in their workplace. A team of experienced professionals and practicing statisticians have been chosen as facilitators in the workshop. The one-week program will expose participants to the recent developments and best practices in data analysis.


The cost per participant is one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150, 000.00) only for NSA member and two hundred thousand naira only (N200,000) for non-members. This cost includes lecture materials, tea breaks, and lunch (bag is not inclusive, please). Intending participants are to make payments into NSA bank account No. 2000057754 with the First Bank Plc on or before the commencement of the workshop.Participants are also expected to make allowance for their accommodation and transport.

Thank you.


Olusanya E. Olubusoye (PhD)

2nd Vice President


08058258883 / 08138840067


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