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Adegoke Sule Ajiboye

JOURNAL: JOURNAL of Nigerian Statistical Association Vol.26, 2014
YEAR: 2014



Road Traffic Crash (RTC) is a major concern of government in Nigeria. This is because it is a regular occurrence in the country. The Akure-Owo highway is a Federal highway which is a segment of a major road linking two very important cities in Nigeria. The cities are Lagos, a port city and the commercial capital of Nigeria in the south west and Abuja, the nation’s capital city. The busy nature of the road makes it prone to Road Traffic Crashes (RTC). This research work examines the occurrence of RTC on the highway and the accompanied fatalities. Test of associations were used to determine the relationships between occurrence of accidents and causes and months of the year. Also relations between fatality and causes and months of the year were examined. A logistic regression model was also fitted with fatality as dependent variable and causes of accidents and months of the year as independent variables. It was discovered that the occurrence of accidents can be related to months but months and causes of accidents are independent. Also fatality is independent of both causes and months of the year. 


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JOURNAL of Nigerian Statistical Association Vol.26, 2014


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