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The third edition of the Nigerian Statistical Association Competition for Undergraduate students has been postponed indefinitely due to the current pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) facing the world and Nigeria. A new date shall be communicated to you as soon as things get back to normal.We sincerely regret any inconveniences this would cost you.Thank you while staying safe.


The association is an autonomous body devoted to the development of statistical theories, methods, and practices throughout Nigeria, in particular.

(i)By encouraging among statisticians, the exchange of professional knowledge and the growth of collective interest in the advancement of such knowledge.


(ii)By promoting the training of Statistician


(iii)By the study of statistical theories, appraisal of statistical methods and practice, encouragement of statistical research and the use of statistical methods in diverse subject matter fields wherever useful;


(iv)By fostering public appreciation of sound statistical practice and the usefulness of statistical methods as well as need for cooperation on data collection;


(v)By promoting appreciation of the role of statisticians in the public and private sector of the economy and


(vi)By promoting statistical knowledge through cooperation affiliation with other reputable national and international statistical associations and other professional bodies


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