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Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Vol 34,2022.

YEAR: 2022


The Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) is the official Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. The Journal has its primary objective of providing a comprehensive publication of works in all areas of statistics. It publishes both technical and not too technical expository papers dwelling on important theoretical and methodological developments concerning computer applications, major surveys, and reports. Papers on interface areas are also published in the Journal.

Papers in this Journal

1. Power Hamza distribution and its application to model survival time.
Author(s): S.A.Aderoju and E.T.Jolayemi
2. Robustness of ARIMA and ACP Models to Over-Dispersion in Analysis of Count Data
Author(s): I. Akeyede, H.R. Bakari and R.B. Muhammad.
3. On Beta-Akash distribution with applications
Author(s): Samuel U. Enogwe1, Adeyinka K. Opabisi, Charles N. Eke and Chrisogonus K. Onyekwere
4. Logistic regression and discriminant analysis of academic staff-mix by rank research performance in a university setting.
Author(s): V.U.Ekhosuehi and A. Iduseri
5. Forecasting accuracy of vector autoregressive model and dynamic factor model for airline passenger traffic
Author(s): I.J.Dike, F.B. Mohammed and A.A. Akinrefon
6. Transfer function modelling of covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria
Author(s): G.O. Nwafor, H.C. Iwu and U.N. Anyasodo.
7. Doubly weighted m-estimator of linear regression model parameters
Author(s): S. O. Ogundele and B. F. Ajibade.

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