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On Beta-Akash distribution with applications


Samuel U. Enogwe1, Adeyinka K. Opabisi, Charles N. Eke and Chrisogonus K. Onyekwere

JOURNAL: Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Vol 34,2022.
YEAR: 2022


In this paper, a Beta-Akash distribution that extends the Akash distribution has been introduced. Expansions for the cumulative distribution and probability density functions of the new distribution are given. Various properties of the new distribution such as hazard function, moments, cumulants, skewness, kurtosis, mean deviations, Bonferroni and Lorenz curves, R݁́nyi  and Tsallis entropies, and stress-strength reliability are discussed. Moment generating function and characteristic function of the new model were derived. Distribution and the moment of order statistic have been derived. The method of maximum likelihood was used for estimation of parameters. The new model is quite flexible in analysing positively skewed data. A real life data was used to demonstrate the flexibility of the new distribution


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Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Vol 34,2022.


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