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Power Hamza distribution and its application to model survival time.


S.A.Aderoju and E.T.Jolayemi

JOURNAL: Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Vol 34,2022.
YEAR: 2022


In this paper, a new lifetime model for survival time analysis has been introduced, which is called power Hamza distribution (PHD) that generalizes the Hamza distribution. Some properties of the new distribution, including the probability density function, cumulative distribution function, moments, failure rate function or hazard function and moments were presented. The model provides more flexibility than the Lindley and Hamza distributions in terms of the shape of the density and hazard rate functions. Estimate of the model parameters were obtained via the method of maximum likelihood and applications of the model were made to two real data sets. By using some criteria like Akaike Information criteria (AIC) and Bayesian Information Criteria (BIC) and other statistic, the PHD model provides better fits than other classical lifetime models such as Hamza, exponential and Lindley distributions.


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Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association, Vol 34,2022.


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