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Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association Vol. 29, 2017

YEAR: 2017


The Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) is the official Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. The Journal has its primary objective of providing a comprehensive publication of works in all areas of statistics. It publishes both technical and not too technical expository papers dwelling on important theoretical and methodological developments concerning computer applications, major surveys and reports. Papers on interface areas are also published in the Journal.




Papers in this Journal

1. On the stable growth index for a grade-structured manpower system
Author(s): V. U. Ekhosuehia; O. Enagbonmab; A. A. Osagiede
2. Probability models for low wind speeds zones
Author(s): P. Osatohanmwen;F. O. Oyegue; B. Ajibade;R. Idemudia
3. Exponential ratio-product type estimators in stratified random sampling
Author(s): A. J. Ikughur; B. K. Ikyaagba;S. C. Nwaosu
4. A modified intersection of confidence intervals approach in the multivariate data density estimation
Author(s): E. M. Ogbeide; J. E. Osemwenkhae; F. O. Oyegue
5. A new affine invariant test for multivariate normality based on beta probability plots
Author(s): M. S. Madukaife
6. On the use of predictive discriminant analysis in academic prediction
Author(s): A. Iduseria; J. E. Osemwenkhae
7. Demand management policies, demographic structure and consumption pattern in Nigeria
Author(s): M. K. Tule
8. Investigation of effect of number of hidden neurons in Statistical Neural Network
Author(s): T. O. James; S. U. Gulumbe; A. Danbab

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