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Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association Vol. 28, 2016

YEAR: 2016


The Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA) is the official Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. The Journal has its primary objective of providing a comprehensive publication of works in all areas of statistics. It publishes both technical and not too technical expository papers dwelling on important theoretical and methodological developments concerning computer applications, major surveys, and reports. Papers on interface areas are also published in the Journal.

Papers in this Journal

1. An Econometric Analysis of Crime Determinants in Nigeria
Author(s): D. A. Kuhe
2. On Refined Principal Component Method for Factor Analysis
Author(s): D. F. Nwosu; S. I. Onyeagu; J.I. Mbegbu; V. U. Ekhosuehi
3. Volatility, Spillover Effects among Foreign Exchange Rates,Oil Price Fluctuation and the Nigerian Stock Exchange: A Multivariate VAR-EGARCH-CC Analysis
Author(s): O. Osabuohien-Irabor
4. Volatility Persistence in Naira Exchange Rates: A Pre- and Post- Global Financial Crisis Analysis
Author(s): O. S. Yaya
5. Performance Evaluation of Bootstrap Multivariate Exponentially-Weighted Moving Average (BMEWMA) Control Chart
Author(s): O. Ikpotokina; C. C. Ishiekweneb; N. Ekhosuehic
6. Generalizing Sample Size of Normally Distributed Samples using Generalized Exponential Power Distribution
Author(s): T. Soyinka
7. Analysis of Agriculture and Gross Domestic Product of Nigeria using First Difference Regression Model
Author(s): M. O. Adenomon
8. On Performance of Some Methods of Detecting Nonlinearity in Stationary and Non-Stationary Time Series Data
Author(s): I. Akeyede and G. M. Oyeyemi
9. Time Series Forecasting with Statistical Neural Network using Continuous Wavelet Decomposition
Author(s): C. G. Udomboso and G. N. Amahia
10. Sample Size Effect on Variance of Treatment Mean and Relative Efficiency in a Split-Plot Design
Author(s): A. V. Oladugba; E. O. Ossai; E. E. Umanah

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